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Personalizing the Wealth Management Experience with User Behavior Data Capture

Our marketanalyst platform excels in capturing and analyzing user behavior data, providing the foundation for a highly personalized wealth management experience. By tracking every interaction, we offer insights that help tailor services to meet individual client needs and preferences.

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Tailor Recommendations

Use search keywords and tool usage data to provide personalized investment ideas and content.

Enhance User Engagement

Track preferences and behaviors to create a more engaging and relevant user experience.

Improve Service Delivery

Use aggregated data to identify trends and improve overall service delivery and client satisfaction.


Comprehensive Data Tracking

Our platform tracks a wide range of user data, including Ticker ID, Portfolio ID, News ID, Document ID, User ID, search keywords, tools used, and IP address. This comprehensive tracking ensures that we capture every relevant user interaction.

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API-Driven Front Ends

All our front ends are driven by APIs, making each user click trackable. This allows for real-time data collection and analysis, providing a detailed understanding of user behavior across various touchpoints.

Data Normalization for Insights

We normalize the data collected to ensure consistency and accuracy. This process involves storing data in a structured format, making it easy to analyze and utilize for better user behavior analysis.

  • User ID: Individual and aggregated data for comprehensive user profiling.
  • Date and Time: Tracking user interactions over time for temporal analysis.
  • Type of Data (User Indicator): Categorizing data into alerts, preferences, behaviors, and watchlists.
  • Keywords, Master IDs, Type of News, Tools Used: Detailed tracking of user activities to understand their interests and engagement patterns.
Powerful tool for analyzing business data and making informed decisions

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We are helping our clients save approximately 25% in wealth management costs and boost relationship manager productivity by 50%.