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Increase Digital Engagement to Enhance Client Experience

Agrud Technologies’ platform is a customizable and scalable “Platform as a Service” offering with a quick time-to-market, providing cost savings of around 30% to 50%, as indicated by customer analysis. The platform includes customizable analytics and tools, employing AI and personalization based on user behavior data. With established long-term client engagements and strategic partnerships with top data/content providers, Agrud Technologies upholds ISO 27001:2013 and SOC2 standards.

Trusted by leading banks & financial companies in Southeast Asia

Increase Digital Engagement to Enhance Client Experience

marketanalyst is a powerful, easy-to-use platform that brings together various financial services and data in one place. It’s quick to set up, customizable, and saves you money. You get smart insights to make better decisions, and it’s built with top-notch security. We’re partnered with leading industry players, making us a trusted choice for your digital needs.

  • Substantially Increase Digital Engagement
  • Engage like Finance Media Apps
  • Capture and Use 100X User Data for Personalization
  • Market Data and News Available Anytime, Anywhere
  • Premium Content and Tools

Strategic Partnerships with Leading Data and Content Providers


Enhance Your Market Intelligence with Diverse Data Sources

  • Experience historical data aggregation that brings together diverse news sources and critical financial data. Over 1 million articles from Refinitiv, Newswires and more.
  • Dive deep into the financial world with our platform’s advanced analytical capabilities.
  • Stay informed with a curated selection of news and in-house reports. Extensive coverage from various news sources and real-time integration with third-party research providers.
  • Our platform caters to a range of users, from RMs to individual investors.

Elevate Your Financial Journey with our Comprehensive Suite of Tools

  • Utilize our advanced SEARCH function for in-depth insights into securities, watchlists, news, and research and enhance your investment strategy with the SCREENER, offering tailored analytics across Mutual Funds, Bonds & Equities.
  • Streamline your operations using the MANAGE CONTENT tool, integrating content creation, document storage, and distribution capabilities for optimized financial efficiency.
  • Stay informed with customizable notifications, whether manual or automatic.
  • Streamline operations by integrating content creation, document storage, and distribution capabilities for optimized financial efficiency.

Revolutionize User Engagement & ComprehensiveUser Analytics

  • Discover invaluable insights with our advanced user analytics, turning data into strategic opportunities for client engagement and growth and elevate client satisfaction with customized financial environments, shaped by individual preferences and behaviors.
  • We tailor a financial environment that resonates with each user. This is not a one-size-fits-all solution; it’s a dynamic, user-centric approach that evolves constantly to match user expectations.
  • Our analysis delves into Alerts, Preferences, and Watchlists, offering a panoramic view of user interaction.
  • Stay ahead of the curve by tracking evolving trends and user activities, ensuring your services always meet client expectations.

Revolutionize Financial Insights & Customizable Content Solutions

  • Discover unparalleled financial intelligence with our GenAI-driven platform, offering a unique blend of human expertise and automated precision for your financial data needs.
  • Our system daily aggregates over 1 million news articles, ensuring inclusive global coverage.
  • Our platform goes beyond raw data, offering valuable derived analytics and NLP-generated keywords mapped to tickers.
  • Tailored to your financial information requirements and Enhances user
    engagement with relevant content.

Seamless User Personalization & Enhanced User Engagement

  • Stay ahead with our system that keenly observes and adapts to evolving user trends and needs. Capture every detail from user preferences to behavioral patterns, all linked with unique User IDs.
  • Designed for banks and financial bodies, enabling them to offer a highly personalized experience to their clients.
  • From specific keywords to preferred news types, our system captures every nuance and we ensure each client receives a financial experience that aligns perfectly with their individual preferences.
  • Our platform evolves with user behavior, ensuring your services remain relevant and top-notch.

Help Wealth participants’ investment journey using ‘marketanalyst’ as a powerful platform


Increase customer engagement by accessing tagged multilingual high-quality content and alerts.


Drive organic and inorganic traffic through tailored finance content on social media and website.


Covering all major global markets & asset classes like Equities, Bonds, MFs, ETFs, & Cryptocurrencies.

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with these cutting edge tools?

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