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Global, Multi-Asset, and Risk Analysis Tools
for Advisors and Their Clients

Image Showing Bond Screener Tool
Image Showing Bond Screener Tool
Image Showing Fund Screener Tool
Image Showing Fund Screener With Multiple Filtering Options

Advanced Screener Tool for Asset Managers

Comprehensive, User-friendly & Versatile Fund and Bond Screener

We have developed a strong fund and bond screener tool enabling precise and efficient filtering for better investment options. This enhances decision making and makes it easy to identify the top tickers. Our screener tool is designed to simplify the search for optimal investment opportunities and performance analysis.

With comprehensive and user-friendly features, it provides versatile filtering options for both funds and bonds, ensuring you can quickly and accurately identify top-performing assets. Our tool sorts through 100,000 global equities to provide insights on what drives the market in seconds. This rapid analysis helps you stay ahead of market trends.

Image Showing Collage of Fund and Bond Screener
Image Showing Collage of Diverse Filtering Options for Funds

Diverse Filtering Options for Funds

Our screener allows for precise results. Our dynamic filter allows for multi-layered filtering tailored to specific criteria, optimizing investment choices. You can find target companies using criteria by Fund House, Currency, Region, Asset Allocations, Ratings, Dividends, Returns, and many more customizable options.

In-Depth Comparison

Additionally, our tool allows for in-depth comparison by generating detailed reports to examine performance metrics and risk factors. You can compare multiple funds and bonds side by side, access extra analytics, and gain deeper insights through comprehensive data analysis.

Image Showing Collage of Option for Funds & Bonds Comparison
Image Showing Collage of Diverse Filtering Options for Bonds

Diverse Filtering Options for Bonds

Our screener provides extensive filtering criteria for bonds including Currency, Country of Risk, Ratings, Frequency, Sector, CAGR, YTD, and a lot of diverse filtering options. You can download results, add bonds to your watchlist, and track risk metrics to make informed decisions.

Our Specific Products Targeting Different Stakeholders in Wealth

Image showing mobile news app: Stay updated on the go with the latest news, articles, and headlines.


Deliver market data, watchlists, portfolios, premium news, research, personalized ideas, and monitor client behavior.

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Drive organic and inorganic traffic with specialized finance content on social media and websites with seamless integration.

A guide to leveraging social media for business growth.


Accessible via a single login, mobile, and tablet responsive platform offering market data and research across all asset classes.

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