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Global, Multi-Asset, and Risk Analysis Tools
for Advisors and Their Clients

Portfolio Builder tool with various data types, including multiple dashboards within it.
A Portfolio analysis dashboard displaying a comprehensive overview of data, charts, and metrics in a visually organized manner.

Customizable Portfolio Analysis and Builder
for Better Risk Analysis

Versatile Portfolio Builder and Analysis Tool

Our Portfolio Builder Tool is designed to help you in creating a diversified investment portfolio that suits your specific financial targets, risk tolerance, and time horizon. This strategic tool assists in efficiently allocating investments, ensuring that your portfolio aligns with your investment objectives. Our tool is designed to simplify portfolio management and enhance your investment strategy. Stay informed, & make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Portfolio Management Tool Dashboard
Image collage showing Customized Investment Allocation

Customized Investment Allocation

With the Portfolio Builder Tool, you can make personalized investment allocations based on your risk tolerance and investment goals. This guarantees that your portfolio is strategically diversified to manage risks effectively.

Performance Tracking and Analysis

Performance tracking and analysis features enable you to assess the past performance of individual securities under different market conditions. Furthermore, you can track your portfolio’s overall performance to analyze historical returns and volatility, guiding your future investment decisions.

Dashboard with a stock market chart, illustrating market performance and fluctuations.
Visualization of data with a pie chart and a bar chart on a dashboard

Periodic Adjustments for Optimal Balance

Periodic adjustments for optimal balance are essential for maintaining the desired asset allocation. The tool allows you to adjust your portfolio periodically, implementing rebalancing strategies by selling over-performing assets and purchasing under-performing ones to restore balance.

Comprehensive Exposure Management

Another vital feature is comprehensive exposure management, allowing you to monitor the overall security exposure of your portfolio. This helps in evaluating the distribution and concentration of investments across diverse assets and sectors, ensuring effective risk management through diversification.

Stock market dashboard with visual representation of data
A series of dashboards contained within each other, resulting in a visually engaging and dynamic composition

Currency Exposure Tracking

Currency exposure tracking is vital for managing currency risk. The tool enables you to track the currency exposure of your portfolio, mitigating the impact of exchange rate fluctuations on your investments, especially when holding assets denominated in foreign currencies.

Advanced Reporting and Insights

Our Portfolio Builder Tool offers advanced reporting features, providing in-depth insights into your investments. You can generate comprehensive reports that help you analyze and understand your portfolio’s performance and risk profile. These reports are available in user-friendly formats like PDF and CSV for easy sharing and further analysis.

Reporting and Insights dashboard layout with various data visualizations and charts

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