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RMApp: Market Information and Insights Wealth Management Platform for RMs and IAs

RMApp is the ultimate tool for Relationship Managers (RMs) and Investment Advisors (IAs) to enhance productivity and deliver superior client service. RMApp integrates market data, production information, and CIO views, providing access to essential insights and market information for client proposals. Analyze RM behaviors and trends to align resources effectively and enhance productivity.

Image Showing Wealth Management Platform for RMs & Advisors

Several Inefficiencies Leading to Poor RM /IA Productivity

Expectations of Affluent Clients

Clients now expect RMs to be deep subject matter experts with extensive knowledge of asset classes and market trends, capable of providing tailored recommendations. The quality of RM skill and conversation is today more important than ever before.

Overcoming Traditional Challenges

RMs gain basic market knowledge during onboarding, supported by in-house research teams. However, this model lacks when engaging well-informed clients, often needing the help of investment experts and reducing RM's involvement.

Inefficiencies and Knowledge Gaps

RMs and IAs face multiple challenges, including difficulty in discovering relevant information across different platforms with different ID/Passwords. and relying on Excel for analysis, resulting in inefficiencies and decreased productivity.


Comprehensive Data and Customizable Features

  • Single Login Process: Flexible options with or without Single Sign-On (SSO).
  • Customized APIs – Customized APIs, Components, and Tools making it a personalized experience
  • Data Visualization: Curated and aggregated smart ticker pages for funds, bonds, equities, and FX.
  • Multilingual Support: Data storage and components in multiple languages.
  • Real-Time Updates: Near real-time data and content updates.
  • Smart Info Tagging: Advanced search functionality and smart info tagging.
  • Customizable Alerts: Personalized notifications and alerts.
  • Automated Reports: Easily customizable report creation.
  • Derived Data: Daily and hourly updates of price and fundamental analytics ensure you have the latest information at your fingertips.
Image Showing Collage of Comprehensive Market Data & Features on our Platform for Wealth Industry
Illustration showing Advanced Analytics and Customizable Tools for Relationship Managers

Advanced Analytics and Customizable Tools

  • Dynamic Watchlists: Create/Follow/Edit watchlists including integration with external APIs
  • Screeners: Advanced bond and fund screeners with customizable filters.
  • Portfolio Tools: Detailed portfolio analysis and builder.
  • SIP/RSP Calculator: Customizable SIP/RSP (Regular Savings Plan) Calculator.
  • Compare Tool: Compare stocks, funds, bonds, FX, and commodities.
  • Automated Content Creation: Generate automated content with Gen-AI.
  • Advanced Charting Tool: Diverse & Multifaceted charting tools.
  • Searchable Content: Global news, internal research, podcasts/videos. Youtube videos, third-party research, and external documents are all searchable.
  • Admin Tools: Streamlined content upload and tagging.

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We are helping our clients save approximately 25% in wealth management costs and boost relationship manager productivity by 50%.