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Global, Multi-Asset, and Risk Analysis Tools
for Advisors and Their Clients

Custom Static & Dynamic Watchlist Tool

Track and Analyze Your Client's Investments
with Our Customizable Watchlists

Experience the Potential of Tailored Watchlists

We have developed an innovative and user-friendly watchlist tool designed to elevate your market experience by customizing it to fit your individual preferences. Our advanced platform enables you to create multiple personalized watchlists covering a wide range of asset classes to suit your specific requirements within a short-time. Customize each watchlist by selecting the essential data points, ensuring you possess the necessary information to make informed investment choices. Whether you are monitoring stocks, bonds, funds, or other securities, our tool helps to manage your portfolio with precision.

Image Showing the Potential of Tailored Watchlists
Image Showing Create a Custom Watchlist

Create a Custom Watchlist

The process of constructing and supervising your watchlists has never been easier. With our user-friendly interface, we offer the functionality where you can effortlessly create watchlists that aid them in tracking any security, monitoring portfolio performance, or tracking popular stocks. Assess the performance of thousands of stocks, funds, bonds or any multiclass assets of your choice, and remain informed with custom alerts and notifications based on your required criteria.

Preset or Curated Watchlist

Apart from personalized watchlists, we present preset watchlists curated according to performance . These curated watchlists update automatically, eliminating the necessity for manual revisions. This functionality guarantees that you constantly have current information, helping you narrow your search and expedite decision-making.

Image Showing Curated Watchlist
Image Showing Performance and Risk Metrics of Watchlist

Detailed Asset Insights

Gain comprehensive insights regarding your assets, including performance, and risk metrics of your portfolio. Our watchlist tool provides a holistic view, ensuring you are well informed and prepared to make the best investment decisions.

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