Global Market Coverage

Contextual Search

We create context around all the tickers that we cover. When you are looking for a company you want to track everything about it; Its key employees, its product launches, its suppliers, its credit rating. Anything that can affect the company’s outlook. We scan the web and Social Media for such context.

Actionable Data

Market Intelligence

Investors, Advisors, and Managers need to scan scores of data to identify interesting opportunities. We offer market intelligence as a search functionality. In the background, we run thousands of analysis at regular intervals to surface answers to simple questions like “Which large-cap stocks underperformed the market this year?”.

Portfolio Intelligence

Back testing & Scenario Analysis

You can use Python or Blocks to create your own strategy, back-test it, or run Scenario analysis on Steals. You do not have to bother about downloading the data and maintaining the data anymore. Everything will happen in the cloud for you. You can also test the strategies with live data.

Multi Portfolio and Watchlist tracking


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