Brokerages: Integrate Multiple Data & Content Vendors

  • Brokerages have to spend significant time and cost on integrating multiple external data and content providers to offer a feature-rich environment for their customers.
  • Identifying the right vendors, negotiating contracts, and integrating mostly off-the-shelf solutions is more expensive.
  • marketanalyst offers a single API that allows brokerages to choose various vendor solutions in a customized bite-sized fashion.
    The result is pay-as-you-use model making it easy to switch or terminate specific vendor services.

Digital Wealth Manager: Unified Data & Content Infrastructure

  • DWMs have to spend on technology staff and platforms. The choice is between using multiple low-cost raw data providers vs uber expensive reference data providers.
  • Building and maintaining data infrastructure is not WM’s core business.
    marketanalyst offers a complete API-based service that allows WMs to choose what part they want to take and when.
  • The result is quality data and content in a plug-and-play mode with significant cost savings and zero hassle to maintain a team of data scientists and programmers.

Corporates: Increase Customer Engagements

  • Financial Institutions and Corporates regularly use digital marketing tools and rich product features to increase their customer base.
  • Adding the right content for customer stimuli is key to a successful customer engagement and marketing strategy.
  • Get actionable data and content that results in increased customer mindshare thereby increasing revenue.